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Hull, foil work

ull fairing and finishing – The importance of hull fairness and finish is vital to the success of a racing boat. Whether the job is to completely fair or simply to refinish an existing hull we are experienced and practiced in providing the finished product as required this is achieved by the preparation and application of a range of filling and coating systems including Awlgrip topcoats and Durapox race boat finishes in all colors.

Foil changes and optimisation – Below the waterline the foils are essential to the performance of any racing boat we specialize in making sure these are performing 100% for you around the race track. The method we use to ensure fairness throughout the section and side to side is by the use of CNC cut aluminum templates from a CAD file normally from the original designer which meet front and back on your foils chord length. The foils are then hand crafted and faired to the required profile. Throughout the whole process the foils are monitored for shape and size to ensure the final section is perfect to template. Once this process is complete we will then finish the foils with the required system. Please see our media section for some images of this process and finished foils.

Foil replacement and modification – Campaigning under many of the rating systems often requires boats to have the foils updated to stay in line with current designs and ensuring you are getting the most out of your package. We are able to aid this process from trial ratings to the final solution which can sometimes  require composite changes to the hull shape or structure. We will work alongside the designer/ structural engineer to ensure you have the best finished product to the correct safety tolerances. Our workshops are fully equipped to deal with all configurations and installations.
Existing installations can also be checked by several methods for damage and fatigue including ultrasound, MPI inspection and x-ray. We are able to facilitate this service and recommend this periodically on more grand prix boats.

Foil alignment and assessment – Ensuring the foils and rig of your boat are geometrically aligned is an essential part of preparing for the race track. We are are happy to undertake and survey your boat onsite to check the alignment of the foils to each other and to the mast.  This job will normally take 1-2 days depending on the size of boat and location.